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Interest rate
April 3, 2020
Distraught by interest cut in small savings? You can invest in GoI bonds which offer 7.75% interest

The government has announced 70-140 basis point reduction in interest rates on small-saving schemes including NSC, PPF and SCSS

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small savings
April 1, 2020
Govt cuts small saving scheme, PPF interest drastically for April-June quarter

The sharpest cuts were seen in 1,2,3-yr time deposits, recurring deposits; Senior Citizen scheme to get 7.4%, PPF to fetch 7.1%, MIS to get 6.6%

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Investing in bonds
March 9, 2020
How should you buy perpetual bonds of Indians banks

Learn to identify and avoid bonds from potentially weak banks even if the coupon rate is quite high; guard against mis-selling attempts which are quite prevalent

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Money market funds
March 2, 2020
NFO review: PGIM India Money Market Fund opens for subscription

The NFO, an alternative to park idle surplus funds for 4–6 months, opened for subscription on February 28 and will close on March 5

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Sujay Kumar Das, Invesco MF
February 18, 2020
Stay invested in top credit quality funds with a portfolio duration longer than investment horizon: Sujoy Kumar Das of Invesco

An exclusive interview with Sujoy Kumar Das, who heads the fixed income investment team at Invesco India where he oversees debt fund assets worth Rs 14,400 crore

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bond trading
December 25, 2019
How to trade in the secondary bond market

There are many corporate as well as government bonds in the secondary market that have yields of over 8%. Here is how you can trade in them

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Fixed deposit
December 16, 2019
HDFC Ltd fixed deposits: Offering ‘secure’ fixed income of up to 7.61% interest per annum

Special and premium deposits offer fixed rates; regular deposits offer fixed & variable rates; do note that HDFC deposits are not insured

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Investing in bonds
December 12, 2019
Why you could look at investing in top rated bonds instead of fixed deposits

Government securities, especially the 10-year bonds, are available at attractive yields of over 7%

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Bond markets
December 4, 2019
All you need to know about Bharat Bond ETF

The first corporate bond ETF, to be launched in 3 yr and 10 yr variants, is a compelling investment avenue compared to FMPs, debt funds, tax-free bonds, bank FDs

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JF Financial Products MLD
November 30, 2019
JM Financial Products’ market linked debentures offers upto 9.5% coupon; what are the pros and cons

In the current market scenario wherein the yields on even the AAA bonds are very low, JM Financial Products has launched a 24 month investment opportunity

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