Small Cap Strategy Articles

small cap funds better than average
October 23, 2019
Here is a guide to picking better-than-average performing smallcap funds

Two funds have beaten category average and benchmark in 1, 3 and 5 yr periods; a total of 4 funds have done the same when it comes to SIP returns

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Small cap stock
September 26, 2019
ICICI Prudential AMC re-launches small cap PMS strategy that delivered over 300% absolute return

The small cap-oriented PIPE PMS offering had in January 2018 wound up the portfolios of clients considering valuations were at a cyclical peak

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PMS performance
August 27, 2019
AccuraCap PMS’s smallcap strategy takes a hit in 1-3 year periods though fares well in 5 years

The math and AI-driven PMS’s 1-yr return is down 26% – worse than other small cap funds and peers – while it does about 10% in 5-yr period

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