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fund manager change
August 23, 2019
Investing in an equity fund with 20 years horizon? It’s likely, your fund manager may not stay that long, but should you worry?

About 220 funds have a track record of 10 plus years and out of them there are just 30 odd instances of a fund manager’s tenure being 10 years or more

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Mutual Funds
August 30, 2018
Many fund managers invested big bucks in mutual fund schemes they manage

ICICI Pru MF’s Sankaren Naren and HDFC MF’s Prashant Jain are among the fund managers who have invested crores in their own schemes

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Fund performance
August 3, 2018
Should you exit HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund?

HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund, which has an AUM of Rs 36,415 crore, has seen its one-year return crumble to just 1.5%

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