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July 6, 2020
Commission to top MF distributors dip by over 25% as trail-only payout kicked in, capped TER

MF commissions took a dip due to trail only fee and the capping of TER; also the lack of closed-ended scheme launches meant no fat commissions

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Mutual funds data
July 2, 2020
Which debt funds beat most equity funds in 5 year period

Though fixed income and stocks have two very different goals in one’s portfolio, in some phases debt funds will outshine equity funds

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Mutual Funds
June 30, 2020
Stamp duty on mutual fund transactions from July 1; Frequent churning of funds will get expensive

Duty of 0.005% imposed on purchase, switch, SIP, STP, dividend reinvestment, and units bought on exchanges

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Focused Equity Funds
June 30, 2020
What are focused equity funds? How do they fare against multicap funds?

Fund selection remains key because there are schemes with 10-year CAGR of 10-14% while some focused equity MFs have even failed to beat SBI bank fixed deposit rate

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debt exposure
June 18, 2020
Franklin Templeton June 15 update: 2 funds get Rs 188 cr as prepayment from borrowers

Four of the six funds that are being wound up have between 10% to 38% of AUM as outstanding borrowings as on June 15

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Debt Funds
June 9, 2020
Franklin Templeton: 4 cases filed by investors hold up voting process for winding up debt funds

E-voting scheduled for 9–11 June and unitholder’s meeting on 12 June, related to the schemes under winding up, stands suspended till further communication pursuant to Gujarat High Court order, Franklin Templeton AMC says

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June 4, 2020
HC stay order on Franklin debt MF e-voting, winding up process; what it could mean

The 6 to-be-wound-up schemes had a window from June 9 to 11 to participate in the e-voting process, which has been stayed now. Next hearing on June 12

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Stock markets
June 3, 2020
Markets fall and recovery: Which equity funds out-performed in both phases

We take a look at 167 largecap, midcap and smallcap funds to find out which funds have beaten category average

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International funds
May 15, 2020
While India focused mutual funds declined 20% in last 3 months, some international funds returned over 10%

US and China focussed mutual funds have recovered, as if Covid-19 triggered market crash never happened!

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