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Tax exemption 2020 budget
February 1, 2020
Budget 2020: Exemptions you can still claim even if you opt for new income tax regime

Section 80C and 80D cannot be claimed to get the lower tax advantage. However, there are still a few exemptions you can claim even if you opt for new income tax slabs. Here are they

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February 1, 2020
Budget 2020: The new optional income tax rates are low, but you can’t claim exemptions

Those earning up to Rs 5 lakh a year will not pay any tax either in the old regime or in the new regime; the tax rate also remains same at 30% for those earning over Rs 15 lakh a year

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Tax exemption
March 22, 2019
Financial year is ending soon, here are key income tax exemptions you can avail

It’s about a week left for the financial year to end. We enumerate all income tax exemptions and benefits you can avail of

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Gratuity tax exemption
March 6, 2019
Income tax exemption for gratuity doubled to Rs 20 lakh

The increase in tax-exempt gratuity limit will immediately benefit mostly those with high salaries

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