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Gold ETFs
August 21, 2020
Even after 9-week rally, gold still packs a punch; silver too shines

Silver, a poorer cousin of gold, is expected to outperform gold too

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Dynamic equity fund
July 29, 2020
Instead of chasing gold at record highs, do asset allocation for greater returns

Today it is gold, tomorrow it may be equity and the day after fixed income; Instead of chasing best performers, stay with the time-tested asset allocation strategy for better returns

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Investing in gold
April 16, 2020
Gold rise during Covid-19 crisis shows why your portfolio should have some allocation always

Domestic gold price has risen 43% in last 1 year but many have missed out because lack of proper asset allocation

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Gold investment
December 31, 2019
Five reasons why gold should be in your portfolio in 2020

Any re-pricing of economic and political risks would leave investors scrambling for gold

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asset classes
October 28, 2019
Which is the best asset class among equity, debt, gold, REITs, real estate? Depends on your holding time

Over the last 3 and 5 years, large cap equity and commercial real estate are one of the best performing by rank

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Sovereign gold bonds
October 10, 2019
Sovereign gold bonds a cheaper way to buy precious metal that also pays 2.5% interest

Sale of the latest tranche of gold bonds underway at Rs 3,788 per gram; subscription period ends Friday

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Gold ETFs
August 14, 2019
As gold funds rose 30% in last 12 months, how many investors benefitted from the gold rush?

Not many investors benefitted as gold funds continue to be under-owned with 0.25% of MF investor money in this category, underlining the importance of right asset allocation

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Gold ETFs
July 30, 2019
With average 1-year return of 16.2%, gold funds are best performers in last 12 months, but for how long?

A large portion of the 12-month returns have come in the last 6 months with Invesco India Gold Exchange Traded Fund, IDBI Gold Exchange Traded Fund, and 9 others delivering at least 9%

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Diversification of assets
July 3, 2019
The importance of diversifying your investments and asset allocation

For diversification of your investments, you need to reassess the risks on your investments, create a separate plan for each of your goals and take an informed decision on the allocation for each asset class

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