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January 28, 2020
CPSE ETF’s seventh tranche opens on Jan 30 to raise Rs 10,000 crore; should you invest?

Opens for retail investors on January 31; offers a discount of 3% on the reference market price of the underlying shares of Nifty CPSE Index

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Exchange Traded Fund
January 25, 2020
ETFs in a Box: A basket of ETFs from NJ Advisory Services as a PMS product

NJ’s rules-based selection model looks at all the market-cap-weighted ETFs and screens them on the basis of certain parameters to put together a basket of ETFs

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Exchange Traded Fund
January 13, 2020
NFO review: Mirae Asset Nifty Next 50 ETF provides a low-cost way to invest in future largecaps

Nifty Next 50 index represents 50 companies from Nifty 100 after excluding the Nifty 50 companies. The stocks include SBI Life, HDFC Life, ICICI Lombard, Divi’s, Shree Cement, Dabur, Bandhan Bank

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January 9, 2020
How does ICICI Securities’ ETF Intelligent Portfolios work?

The offering invests in a multi-asset basket of low cost ETFs based on client’s risk profile

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ETF selection
December 18, 2019
How to pick the best equity ETFs in India

Investors must consider the equity ETF’s underlying index, asset level, trading volume, and tracking error margin

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Bond markets
December 4, 2019
All you need to know about Bharat Bond ETF

The first corporate bond ETF, to be launched in 3 yr and 10 yr variants, is a compelling investment avenue compared to FMPs, debt funds, tax-free bonds, bank FDs

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ABSL Banking ETF
October 18, 2019
NFO review: Aditya Birla Sun Life Banking ETF a low-cost play on Nifty Bank Index

Using the ETF route to play banking theme is a low cost investment alternative compared to some banking sector concentrated actively managed equity funds

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Apple CEO Tim Cook
September 11, 2019
An Apple loyalist? Check these Indian mutual funds who hold Apple shares as it unveils iPhone 11, new iPad, Watch Series 5

Apple Inc. stock, even after a sharp run-up in 2019 year to date, remains cheap compared to Facebook, Microsoft and Google owner Alphabet

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Private banks
August 19, 2019
NFO review: Tata Nifty Private Bank ETF, a low-cost way to invest in best banks

The ETF, which opened on Aug 16 and closes on Aug 29, will be dominated by the 5 largest private sector banks by market capitalisation that makes up 92% of the Nifty Private Bank Index.

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