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Downgrade Value
November 28, 2019
HDFC Credit Risk Fund reduces value of Simplex Infrastructures debt after ratings downgrade

Care Ratings downgrades Simplex debentures to BB plus from BBB, forcing HDFC Credit Risk Fund to cut exposure value by 14%. But this may not affect the fund much

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Yield to maturity
October 14, 2019
‘High’ yield to maturity of some credit risk funds may be deceptive; here is how to navigate the YTM puzzle

YTM for debt funds captures the returns that the bond will generate if held from current date until maturity, but a deeper analysis is required before you take an investment decision

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mutual funds AUM
September 23, 2019
Reliance MF’s two schemes create side pocket for below-investment grade Reliance Capital exposure

Reliance Capital is a former sponsor company of Reliance MF; Reliance Equity Hybrid Fund and Reliance Equity Savings Fund are the affected funds who created side pockets

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Mark down
June 28, 2019
BOI AXA Credit Risk Fund NAV down 26% on single day due to Sintex BAPL exposure markdown

This makes the BOI AXA fund the worst performing debt fund in 1-year period, already hit by IL&FS exposure

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Credit Risk
May 17, 2019
Three credit risk funds are showing negative returns for last one year. Here’s what and why it happened

As many as three credit risk funds sport negative returns in the 1-year period due to their exposure to papers like IL&FS and Sintex-BAPL

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April 26, 2019
How 3 Franklin schemes bounced back after marking down JSPL credit defaults 3 years ago

Three years ago Franklin had marked down the NAVs of few debt funds by almost 35% as it had exposure to Jindal Steel & Power securities which defaulted. Now the schemes have bounced back beating the industry average for both periods

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debt funds primer
April 13, 2019
5 tenets of debt fund investing from a debt fund guru

Arvind Chari of Quantum Advisors looks at the various risk and returns aspects of debt fund investing in the wake of the recent FMP crisis and suggests a strategy for retail investors

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Debt funds
April 11, 2019
Hey, new debt mutual fund investors! Know these 5 harsh truths

The last few months have taught us a few lessons about debt funds and these form the basis of the five harsh truths that India’s new debt MF investors must be aware of

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Debt fund strategy
January 9, 2019
How to identify a right debt fund strategy matching your requirements

Here are the different types of portfolio strategies deployed in the debt funds and how to choose a perfect strategy for you

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