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credit ratings
June 17, 2019
Ratings agencies should downgrade debt only after the 7-day cure period for interest payment obligation

Following DHFL downgrade and the write-offs by MFs, DHFL had paid the interest within the 7-day cure period. But investors remained losers as NAV did not reverse to the extent of the loss it suffered

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Rating of securities in debt funds
June 17, 2019
IDFC MF, Mirae, LIC MF, Invesco lead AMC list with the highest share of top-rated debt securities

Top-rated debt includes AAA, A1+ and sovereign securities for May 2019, which indicate low risk

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Ratings downgrade
May 22, 2019
After FD rating downgrade, DHFL puts on hold acceptance of all fresh deposits and renewals

DHFL said the pre-mature withdrawal of deposits has also been put on hold, while it will continue to honour all pre-mature deposit withdrawal requests in the case of any medical or financial emergency

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