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Investing in bonds
December 12, 2019
Why you could look at investing in top rated bonds instead of fixed deposits

Government securities, especially the 10-year bonds, are available at attractive yields of over 7%

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Bond markets
December 4, 2019
All you need to know about Bharat Bond ETF

The first corporate bond ETF, to be launched in 3 yr and 10 yr variants, is a compelling investment avenue compared to FMPs, debt funds, tax-free bonds, bank FDs

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Corporate Bond Fund
January 17, 2019
NFO review: SBI Corporate Bond Fund to invest mainly in AA+ rated bonds

The new issue would be open for subscription from 16 January 2019 to 29 January 2019

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corporate bonds
July 5, 2018
NFO Alert: SBI MF files papers for Corporate Bond Fund

A corporate bond fund is obligated to invest 80% of its assets in corporate bonds with the highest rating grade (usually AAA)

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