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bond trading
December 25, 2019
How to trade in the secondary bond market

There are many corporate as well as government bonds in the secondary market that have yields of over 8%. Here is how you can trade in them

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Radhika Gupta, Edelweiss AMC
December 13, 2019
Bharat Bond ETF is a mass product, so safety is of paramount importance: Radhika Gupta, CEO, Edelweiss AMC

Radhika Gupta, CEO, Edelweiss AMC, talks about Bharat Bond ETF, and answers all questions you may have on the bond offering

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Investing in bonds
December 12, 2019
Why you could look at investing in top rated bonds instead of fixed deposits

Government securities, especially the 10-year bonds, are available at attractive yields of over 7%

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Bond markets
September 22, 2019
Why the bond market does not share stock market’s euphoria over Rs 1.45 lakh crore tax cut

The bulls of the bond market do not share the happiness that the bulls of the stock market have over the tax cuts as the move is likely to balloon the fiscal deficit

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Debt downgrade
February 3, 2019
CARE downgrades DHFL debt. How will it impact mutual fund exposure

For mutual funds with exposure to DHFL debt, a rating downgrade means that there will be a mark to market impact on individual bond prices, also affecting NAV

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markets rally
December 12, 2018
Bonds, stocks rally with elections out of way, hopes of low-interest rate regime

Even though the BJP lost three key states to Congress, the bond and equity markets have rallied on the hopes of government’s increased expenditure to spur growth and on impending rate cuts.

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Fixed income saving
November 15, 2018
NFO review: SBI Debt Fund Series C – 29 (366 Days), a short term fixed income option

The fund is suitable for investors who wish to invest in a product having low volatility and high return predictability for a short tenure of 1 year

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Reserve Bank of India RBI
June 8, 2018
RBI hikes rates, increases affordable housing loan limit

The RBI has raised its repo rate and reverse repo rates by 0.25%. It also raised the upper limit for priority sector housing loans for economically weaker sections

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Interest Rate
May 20, 2018
With rates going up, DHFL issues NCDs of upto 9.1% interest

A new NCD that will open for subscription on 22nd May will offer yields of 8.6-9.1% depending on the payout chosen

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