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Arbitrage funds
January 23, 2020
NFO review: Sundaram Arbitrage Fund promises tax efficiency combined with liquidity

The NFO period opened on January 16 and will close on January 30; arbitrage funds are often pitched as alternatives to liquid funds

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arbitrage fund
August 30, 2019
ITI Mutual Fund launches a new fund offer in arbitrage space

Arbitrage funds are less risky products in equity MF segment, which ideally also have zero credit risk on arbitrage investments

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stock markets elections19
May 3, 2019
Stakes are high with very high percentage market-wide rollovers ahead of elections result: Edelweiss MF’s Bhavesh Jain

Very high percentage market wide rollovers ahead of a high voltage event like general elections certainly makes the stakes very high and would result in high volatility going ahead, said Jain

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March 28, 2019
Arbitrage funds pitched as better alternative as liquid fund returns slow down

Arbitrage funds are equity oriented funds and short term capital gain applicable is 15% and 10% on dividend income compared to much higher taxation of nearly 34% in liquid funds

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Arbitrage funds
January 28, 2019
NFO review: Union Arbitrage Fund opens on January 30

As on December 31, 2018, the one-year return of the benchmark index is 4.46% and that of Arbitrage category is 5.68%

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Arbitrage funds
January 5, 2019
NFO review: LIC MF Arbitrage Fund opens for subscription

The fund will tap arbitrage opportunities that potentially exists between cash and derivative market and within the derivative segment of the equity market

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Arbitrage funds vs Liquid funds
October 15, 2018
Arbitrage funds vs liquid funds: How do they compare?

On an average, arbitrage funds have given between 5-6% gains in last one year, which is comparable to 5-7% gains locked by liquid funds

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Stock crash
September 28, 2018
Infibeam stock dropped 70% today; which mutual funds were holding it?

As many as nine schemes held shares of Infibeam at the end of August

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January 15, 2018
Invest in arbitrage funds for debt-like returns and equity-like taxes

They are products that combine the tax advantage of equity funds without suffering from the volatility of equity funds

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