RupeeIQ launches calculators for EMI, SIP, Retirement, FDWe are excited to announce the launch of calculators which can help in analysing your investment plans. 

You can calculate your Loan EMIs, FD returns, RD returns, SIP growth, Lump Sum growth, and Retirement corpus using our free calculators. Here is what you can do:

  1. EMI Calculator

Thinking of taking a home loan? Use our free calculator to figure out your EMI for different rates of interest and different time periods. It will also tell how much total interest you will be paying on your loan as well as give you a month-wise breakup of principal and interest repayment.

You can also estimate EMIs for car loan, education loan, personal loan and so on.

Here it is:

  1. FD Calculator

Considering putting your money in an FD? Use our calculator to find out how much you will get at different rates of interest and different time periods.

Click here to get it:

  1. RD Calculator

RD or Recurring Deposit is a type of FD in which you save a fixed amount every month. For example, you want to save Rs 20,000 per month in the deposit for three years. How much will you get at the end? Simply enter your monthly, quarterly, weekly or annual deposit amount, interest rate and how long the deposit is for.

Get the answer here:

  1. SIP Calculator

If you save Rs 10,000 per month in a SIP, how much will it grow to in 5 years? Suppose you increase it to Rs 20,000 and do it for 7 years? And what if you increase your SIP amount by 10% every year? Just enter your SIP amount, time period and approximate return rate in the calculator and you will get your answer.

You can find the SIP calculator here:

  1. Lump sum Calculator

This will tell you, what your savings will grow to. If you have put aside Rs 5 lakh today for your home down-payment, the calculator will tell you what it will grow to, in five years. Simply enter your savings value, their approximate return rate and the time period you have to save.

Get it here:

  1. Goal Calculator

Suppose you know how much you need. For example, you need Rs 1 crore to retire in 10 years. Alternatively, you need Rs 30 lakh for a business investment in five years. This calculator will tell exactly how much you need to save each month. Simply enter your goal amount, the time period to the goal, existing savings and return rate. If you can grow your monthly saving, enter this as well (eg: 8% hike in the SIP every year).

Find it here:

  1. Retirement Calculator

This is the big question. When can you retire? How much will you need? How much should you save for it?

Use our free calculator to get some answers. Put down the following information, for the calculator to work.

  1. Your age and retirement age.
  2. Monthly expenses and the expected inflation rate of these expenses. For example, you spend Rs 70,000 per month and these grow by 10% every year.
  3. The return rate on your savings. Your savings will grow at a certain rate both before and after retirement. Typically the post-retirement growth rate is less than the pre-retirement return rate.
  4. Your existing savings. The calculator will assume that these will grow at the same rate of return as your monthly savings/SIPs.
  5. How much you can increase your savings/SIPs every month. For instance, salary hikes mean that you can save 10% more every year in your SIPs.

You can find the link here:

Take a spin of these calculators. If you have any feedback, suggestions or come across any bug, please write to or leave a comment on this post.