Sundaram Emerging Small Cap Series IVSundaram Mutual Fund has come up with the latest in its series – Sundaram Emerging Small Cap Series IV. This fund will seek capital appreciation by investing in the stocks of companies defined as ‘small caps.’ Small caps have been defined as companies below the top 250 largest companies by market capitalisation. The fund will be required to invest 65-100% of its assets in the stocks of small-cap companies. It can invest the balance 0-35% in the stocks of larger companies or debt. The AMC has selected the S&P BSE 250 as the benchmark for the fund. The S&P BSE 250 is comprised of the bottom 250 companies in the S&P BSE 500.

The NFO Period is from 22nd May to 5th June 2018 and has a tenure of 5 years.

S Krishnakumar and Dwijendra Srivastava will be the fund managers. Krishnakumar is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for Equity at Sundaram Mutual Fund. Dwijendra Srivastava is the CIO for Debt.

This is the fourth fund in this series which was launched starting March 2018. You can also read our reviews of Series I, Series II and Series III and view their performance at the bottom of the table below. The overall figures show that only 8 out of 22 observed Sundaram funds in the small-cap category have outperformed their benchmarks.

Sundaram Select Smallcap Fund Series
Series Launch Date % Since inception (annualized) % Benchmark Outperformance?
II 21-11-2014 13.4 16 No
III 31-03-2015 14.7 19.5 No
IV 17-04-2015 14.9 17.3 No
V 23-06-2017 6.4 20.4 No
VI 17-07-2017 3.8 16.3 No
Sundaram Select Microcap Fund Series
I 3rd Jan 2014 34.6 28.1 Yes
II 27th Jan 2014 35.1 29.9 Yes
III 17th Feb 2014 35.1 30.3 Yes
IV 11th March 2014 34 28.9 Yes
VI 1st October 2014 N/A N/A N/A
VII 31st October 2014 21.2 17 Yes
VIII 21st October 2015 23 21.1 Yes
IX 5th November 2015 23.4 23.3 Yes
X 7th December 2015 24 22.2 Yes
XI 28th December 2016 22.5 40.1 No
XII 8th February 2017 21 29.2 No
XIV 28th April 2017 17.6 20.4 No
XV 31st May 2017 15.6 22.9 No
XVI 30th August 2017 9.7 16.3 No
XVII 13th October 2017 4.1 8.9 No
Sundaram Emerging Smallcap Series
I 9th March 2018 3 6.4 No
II 9th April 2018 1.4 2.5 No
III 7th May 2018 0.13 N/A N/A

Source: Sundaram Mutual Fund, Data as at end of April 2018; No data is available in the AMC factsheet for Select Microcap Series V and X. *Source: Value Research, Data as on 22nd May 2018

Key Details

NFO Period: 22nd May to 5th June 2018

Tenure: 5 years

Benchmark: S&P BSE 250

Fund Managers: S Krishnakumar and Dwijendra Srivastava

Investment Options: Growth, Dividend Payout and Dividend Sweep. Dividend Sweep moves a dividend declared by this scheme into another open-ended Sundaram Fund of your choice

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