NFO Review: Invesco launches Equity and Bond FundInvesco Asset Management (India) Ltd has launched Invesco Equity and Bond Fund, which will be open for subscription from 11th June to 25th June 2018. It is a balanced fund, technically classified as ‘Aggressive Hybrid Fund.’ This means that it will invest 65-80% of its assets in equities and 20-35% in debt. AMCs which did not have a fund in specific SEBI categories are filling in the gaps. The launch of Invesco Equity and Bond Fund is part of this trend.

Invesco is a fund management company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It first entered India in 2012 by acquiring a stake in Religare AMC. The joint venture was called Religare Invesco. In 2016, it acquired Religare’s remaining stake in the joint venture and the fund house was renamed ‘Invesco Mutual Fund.’

The Scheme Information Documents (SID) do not specify any particular investment style in equity or debt, giving the fund manager a great deal of freedom. In this fund, there will be three fund managers. Taher Badshah is the Chief Investment Officer (Equities) at Invesco and was earlier at Motilal Oswal. Amit Ganatra is the co-fund manager in the popular Invesco Contra Fund, along with Taher Badshah. Krishna Cheemalapati has more than 20 years experience in the fixed income market and in all likelihood will manage the fixed income component of the fund.

Invesco AMC has demonstrated great success with some of its funds. Invesco Contra Fund has a 5-year CAGR of 24%, far above its benchmark (Nifty 500 TRI) CAGR of 16.36%. Invesco Dynamic Equity Fund has a five-year CAGR of 15.74, also above its benchmark (Nifty 100 TRI) CAGR of 15.25%.

Invesco Equity and Bond Fund will be benchmarked to the Crisil 35+65 Aggressive Index. The minimum application amount is Rs 5,000. Both growth and dividend options are available.

Neil Borate

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