Indian passport rules to make life easierHere are the major changes in India’s passport rules that have been made in recent years to make the passport application process easier and smoother.

1) Additional proof of birth documents for those born after 1989

Earlier only birth certificate was allowed to be given as age proof for individuals born after 1989. This list has now been expanded to (along with birth certificate):

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. PAN Card
  3. Electronic Photo ID Card issued by the Election Commission
  4. Driving License
  5. School Leaving/Transfer/Matriculation Certificate
  6. Copy of service record for serving government servants or Pension Order for retired government servants duly attested by the administrative in-charge in the concerned department
  7. Copy of policy bond issued by public life insurance companies
  8. Details of Parent/Guardian

The details of only one parent/guardian need to be furnished rather than both as previously required. This makes it easier for orphans or children with single parents to apply for a passport.

Sadhus/Sanyasis can mention the name of their spiritual guru instead of parents on the passport application if they so choose. However, they will have to submit at least one valid ID proof such as Electronic Photo ID issued by the Election Commission/Aadhar/PAN etc which mentions the name of his/her parents.

2) Attestation

All Annexures previously had to be attested by a notary/Executive Magistrate or Judicial Magistrate (First Class). They can now be self-attested on plain paper.

3) Marriage/Divorce

The need for a marriage certificate has been done away with. In case of divorce, the applicant will not be required to provide the name of the spouse or attach the divorce decree

4) Orphaned Children

Orphaned children who do not have proof of date of birth can submit a letter from the head of the orphanage mentioning the date of birth.

5) Work-related urgent passports for Government Servants

If the concerned government servant is not able to procure a ‘No-objection Certificate’ or identity certificate in time, he or she can simply furnish a letter stating that the employer has been intimated that the applicant will be applying for an ordinary passport with the passport authorities.

You can find the official notification of the above details, here.

Neil Borate

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