How to do banking transactions using basic mobile phone or patchy networkHave a basic mobile phone that doesn’t have internet connectivity? Or is your smartphone internet connection so bad that it is as good as having a basic phone? If you think that you can’t perform banking transactions using such a phone or connection, then you are wrong. You can do transactions such as funds transfer without an internet connection. Here’s how.

The service

The National Unified Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (NUUSSD) was set up by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). NUUSSD uses Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) that is available on GSM mobile phones. This service helps avail banking services using a basic phone. Customers who have registered their mobile number with their bank can use this service to access their bank account.

The transactions

Using NUUP, bank customers can perform three types of transactions. These are financial transactions, non-financial transactions and value-added services.

Financial transactions that you can make using NUUP include funds transfer using the beneficiary’s IFSC code, their Mobile Money Identifier (MMID), their mobile number or Aadhaar number.

Non-financial transactions such as account balance enquiry, account statement, changing mPIN, MMID can be done using your basic phone. You can also get those One Time Passwords (OTP) for transactions.

There is just one value-added service that is provided. This is finding out whether the bank account is linked to the customer’s Aadhaar number. Here’s the summary of banking transactions that can be done using a basic phone.

  •         Account balance enquiry
  •         Funds transfer using MMID
  •         Funds transfer using Aadhaar
  •         Funds transfer using IFSC code
  •         Getting OTP
  •         Changing mPIN
  •         Getting account statement

How to use

Once the customer has registered the mobile number for banking services, they have to dial *99# for availing banking services. You can use this number irrespective of which mobile operator’s connection you have. This number is used to avail banking service in English. If you want regional languages such as Hindi, Tamil or Malayalam, you have to dial a different number. For example, 99*22# is for Hindi, *99*23# Tamil and*99*25# is for Malayalam.

Once you dial the number, a welcome message will be displayed. You have to then provide the first 4 digits of your IFSC code. After giving the digits, the banking menu will be displayed. You can select the banking service that you want from the menu.

How to transfer funds?

You have to provide the recipient’s mobile number and their MMID, Aadhaar number or IFSC code. Once you submit the transaction, the recipient has to reply to the transaction by providing the last 4 digits of their account number and the amount. The recipient might have to use their mPIN in case you are transferring money using Aadhaar or IFSC code. NUUP uses Immediate Payment Services (IMPS) to transfer funds. Here are the steps for transferring money using MMID.

  •  Dial *99#
  •  Provide last 4 digits of IFSC code
  •  Banking services menu is displayed
  •  Press #3 for transferring funds using MMID
  •  Enter recipient’s MMID, mobile number and the amount.
  •  Provide mPIN if asked
  •  Your transaction will be completed.

The charges

You can choose only one banking service for one session. Each transaction will cost you Rs 1.50. The amount will get debited from your mobile if you have a prepaid connection or added to your bill if it is a post-paid connection. You have to pay this amount irrespective of whether the transaction was successful or not.

This service is not available to CDMA mobile users. Customers can choose from 12 languages. Reserve Bank of India has capped the maximum limit for banking transactions on the basic mobile phone at Rs 5,000. Using a mPIN will help keep the transactions secure

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This article is written by RupeeIQ editorial staff.