HDFC AMC regains no 1 spot in mutual fund assets under management

HDFC Mutual Fund has topped the list of AMCs in India with AUM of close to Rs 3.35 lakh crore pushing ICICI Prudential AMC to no 2 position

Priyanka Bharati Jan 4, 2019

HDFC AMC regains no 1 spot in mutual fund assets under managementHDFC Mutual Fund has topped the list of asset management companies (AMCs) in India with assets under management (AUM) of close to Rs 3.35 lakh crore. ICICI Prudential AMC is the no. 2, behind by almost 27,000 crore. HDFC MF was the biggest AMC from 2011 till it lost its spot to ICICI Mutual Fund in 2016. In the last quarter (Oct-Dec), among top 10 AMCs, HDFC MF grew at 9% followed by SBI Mutual Fund  and Kotak Mutual Fund which grew by 4%, while all others slipped. DSP MF was the biggest looser with a loss of -17% in AUM.

While it hasn’t been a phenomenal year for mutual fund industry with overall assets growing by a meagre 6%, some of the AMCs have managed to secure good market share. Among top 10 AMCs, SBI MF grew at a faster pace with AUM growth of 29% YOY (Dec’17 to-Dec’18) to reach Rs 2.64 lakh crore. SBI MF was ranked no. 5 as per December’17 data, and now it has moved up two places to become no. 3 AMC. It is attributed to Aditya Birla Sun Life MF (AUM: Rs 2.42 lakh crore) and Reliance MF (AUM: Rs 2.36 lakh crore) losing market share post June-18.

In the industry, Shriram Mutual Fund grew the highest with 135% growth YOY. This could be because Shriram MF had launched an NFO in September this year after a gap of five years.

The total asset base of the mutual fund industry stood at Rs 23.61 lakh crore at the end of December quarter.

Here is a snapshot of the growth of top 10 AMCs over last one year:

Sr No Mutual Fund Name Dec-18 Sep-18 Jun-18 Mar-18 Dec-17
1 HDFC Mutual Fund    3,34,964   3,06,360  3,06,841   3,00,549  2,89,168
2 ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund    3,07,735   3,10,257  3,10,166   3,05,739  2,93,338
3 SBI Mutual Fund    2,64,353   2,53,829  2,33,114   2,17,649  2,05,273
4 Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund    2,42,344   2,54,223  2,49,270   2,47,529  2,41,107
5 Reliance Mutual Fund    2,36,256   2,44,843  2,40,445   2,44,904  2,43,594
6 UTI Mutual Fund    1,57,586   1,65,946  1,53,183   1,54,939  1,53,364
7 Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund    1,39,427   1,34,448  1,27,671   1,24,725  1,19,833
8 Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund    1,09,525   1,10,400  1,04,416   1,03,152     99,804
9 Axis Mutual Fund       81,622      87,631     79,201       77,325     73,372
10 DSP Mutual Fund       79,245      95,457     89,404       86,326     87,141

Source: AMFI

Priyanka Bharati

Priyanka Bharati is a senior personal finance analyst with RupeeIQ. She can be reached on [email protected]

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