3 major developments in Aadhaar: Virtual ID, ePAN, partial info, PAN linkageHere are three major developments in Aadhaar that would concern you.

  1. Virtual ID

You can now share a Virtual ID (VID) for Aadhaar-based authentication instead of your actual Aadhaar number. This feature has been enabled to protect the privacy of individuals who may not be comfortable sharing their actual Aadhaar number with third parties. The VID feature will be further strengthened from 1st August when banks or other providers will be required to integrate it into their authentication.

The VID is a temporary 16-digit random number that is mapped to an Aadhaar number. When you share your VID with a bank or other institution, they receive a UID token instead of the actual Aadhaar number and this can be used to authenticate your details. However, the actual Aadhaar number cannot be derived from the VID. The VID is valid for a minimum of one day. It has no maximum validity and will remain valid until you generate a new VID. You can generate the VID on the UIDAI website if your mobile number is registered with the UIDAI.

  1. Partial Details

The UIDAI has also introduced partial disclosure for authentication. Some institutions like banks or the Income Tax Department will continue to receive all your Aadhaar details for authentication. Others like mobile wallets will only receive limited details such as name and address for authentication.

  1. Aadhaar and Income Tax

The Income Tax Department has introduced ‘ePAN.’ This facility is only being offered to resident individual taxpayers and not NRIs, companies or Trusts. Such individuals can apply for and get a PAN number using only their Aadhaar details for authentication. They do not have to submit any other documents. However, applicants will also have to upload a specimen signature on a white paper. Once the online application is filled, a 15-digit acknowledgement number is sent to the applicant’s registered mobile number and email address.

The Income Tax Department has also postponed the last date of Aadhaar linking with PAN number to 31st March 2019. It was earlier set at 30th June 2018.

Neil Borate

Neil Borate is Deputy Editor, RupeeIQ. He can be contacted at neil@rupeeiq.com.