About Us

Personal finance is not rocket science. But many have no clue about where to invest, how to grow money, how to build a retirement corpus, which products give better returns, and how to plan taxes. Nor do they pay attention to spending, managing credit cards, choosing an insurance product or getting a good loan deal.

Can you afford to be ignorant of managing your finances? Not anymore.

With a structural shift in the Indian economy like the financialisation of assets that is underway, personal finance is not anymore about the plain vanilla fixed deposits or investing in real estate.

It’s a fast developing domain with several complex products being manufactured for crores of Indians who are joining the “mass affluent” club. On one end is scores of financial services companies designing and developing various kinds investment products, insurance plans and esoteric financial products. On the other end is a bulging middle class, including a class of young affluent Indians, who not only need information and advice but also a user-friendly mechanism to execute their investments.

RupeeIQ wants to fill this information gap and be a friend to every Indian in finding answers to all their personal finance questions. It’s not easy. But we can get there. Our first offering is to provide objective and unbiased information and content related to personal finance. We produce this content with only one interest in mind – your interest.

We help you in understanding mutual funds, fixed investment products like small savings, insurance products, retirement, banking services, credit cards, personal loans, home loans, business loans, and tax planning, among others.

Also, watch out for new offerings from us which will be part of our plans to make your financial life easier.

RupeeIQ is owned by Lime Internet Pvt Ltd. We are based in Gurgaon, Haryana. We can be reached at contact@rupeeiq.com.